My Wife Eating Cat And Drinking Piss

Mistress Roberta – Serve Me To Be Feed – Full

Today my pot haves to serve first so i took on my new body and the over the knee leather high heels boots and i order him to serve me, worship my boots and after the ass while i fart in his face and even pee on his face but not untill he serves me properlyAfter some pee an enema will follow 3 times in a row to feed my slave after he served me but he will have to wait about 15 minutes to get the real deal filling his mouth and face with soft shit, enjoy!

Public / Outdoor Piss Drinking Rest Stop!

In my bareback gangbang on May 20 at a rest area in the Ruhr me several men have pissed in my greedy mouth and I have that sexy yellow piss swallowed greedily down …. delicious and extreme!

Piss,shit And Hot Fuck

First,i give him a long Kiss,then i Piss on his dick,ah a warm Pissbeam……then i ride the cock from horny,we are getting hotter and I get a creampie in the cunt!! then i must poop,you can see so near….

Baking Poo Brownies!

Watch me take a big shit and pee in a baking pan after which I mix it all up and bake you some yummy poo brownies! So tastee!!!