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A Cup Of Poop

You want some coffee ?

Pooping On A Glass Table!

This is my first clip pooping on a glass table and it’s everything I was hoping for! Watch me straddle a glass coffee table and lower my red panties to shit out a nice one just for you 😉 After pooping, I start to play with the load on the glass and eventually pick it all up from the table to play with it in my hands…so hot!!! I give you guys 2 camera views: A back shot showing my ample ass as I shit, and a shot from beneath the glass which shows you the poop splattering on the glass! It also gives a wonderful view of me smearing my shit on the glass…you don’t wanna miss this one!

Hot College Girl Marley Pooping On The Plate (hd Wmv Video 1280×720 Pixels 5000 Kb/s)

Hot college girl Marley pooping on the plate (HD wmv video 1280×720 Pixels 5000 kb/s)