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Breakfast At Mistress Michelle P1

Before the slave of Mistress Michelle is allowed to lick her feet, Mistress Michelle puts a butt plug in his ass cunt. Then he is allowed to crawl to Mistress Michelle. On knees, he licks her feet clean. Mistress Michelle enjoys a coffee. Then she pisses and shits the toilets slaves in his mouth. Great shots of the shit as it slides through the butt hole.

Toilet Slut Eat My Shit

My slave lay on the floor when I came. He is accustomed to satisfying his mistress and knows what is waiting him for dinner. He licks my sweety ass in pantyhose. I’m smothering him with my huge ass until he asks me to stop. Then I lower the tights and give him for a delicious fresh supper from my ass. I pull out pieces of shit from his mouth and thrust it back. Toilet slave eat all my shit.

My Toilet Bathtub

My bathtub today will have a different role, will be a toilet. Look how I pee, poop, I wash…