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4 Hot Dumps

I’m rolling out 4 loads in this video for luck ? Watch me poop a weeks worth of turds in all sorts of positions, from making you eat my shit to watching my pleasurable desperation as I shit, to just enjoying the naughty show ? This is a must-see treat for all you fans who love to watch me pinch my thick and stinky poops!

A Slave Pissing In The Mouth! Extreme Femdom With Luciana And Rosella!

I was once again visiting my mistress girlfriend Lady Luciana and we had invited some slaves who wanted to be used by us. This slave, I pissed, extremely, in the mouth and he had to swallow my entire piss, while we both humiliated him verbally. The piss that had landed on the floor, the slave had to slurp up.

Cake Heel Ass Shit

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Only Dry Sausage, Then Diarrhea

The first sausage was barely out, it was so dry, but then it ran smoothly …