Naked Peeing Bed

Awesome Pee Party With My Friends

I invited two friends to join me and humiliate my two slaves. They want so desperately try my personal human toilets, so I thought this was a good opportunity. I start to pee in the mouth of both slaves, and have them swallow my champagne, they are after all my toilets. Then my next friend want to try this as well, and she pee in their mouths as well. Minnie also wants to use my toilets, so off course I let her use them as she wants, and she really pee a lot of yellow champagne in their pathetic mouths. What they missed they must lick from the floor, while we pour hot wax on their asses 😀

Creamy Big Turd

Mega one coming out of my ass today!!!

23q6 P1 – Eat Shit

Iam together with Lady Marie and one of my new a toilet slave. Marie is using the toilet slave for her first time today. She is very cheerful and we laugh a lot and use the slave how we want before he get our shit.