Naked Women Peeing Boat

Different Slaves – Fisting Cumming Or Piss Drinking

In this movie you can learn how a slave must be treated : first a fisting and a double fisting action from Mistress, followed by a humiliation scene where a perfect Romanian Goddess have a task for her slave : to cum on her high heels and clean it, then a nice piss drinking humiliation scene where the slave girl is obliged to drink master piss and her piss.

She Shit On A Rubber Dick.

She shit on a rubber dick.

Nasty Diarrhea In Slaves Mouth!!!

I had some nachos and queso last night and washed it down with Tequila shots so I know my poo is gonna be runny! I think it will be a nasty one so I get my slave to get on his knees while I sit on a bar stool and proceed to humiliate him by shitting right into his filthy little mouth! The diarrhea just keeps coming and coming as I make him eat my delicious poop and lick my asshole clean after Im done…dont you wish you could take his place 😉