Nasty Skank Pee

Good Morning Girls! Yana.

Good morning girls! Yana. What can be more delicious, for a toilet slave than a morning toilet for a girl? It is in the morning that girls often fart and strongly want to shit and their shit has the sharpest smell. The girl woke up and her body calls her to the toilet. All night in her stomach and rectum this dish was prepared!

Kinky Warden Shits On His Face!

She enters the slave’s cell and checks on his condition. The chained slave begs for her to shit on his face. She obliges, as a reward for his good behavior. After whipping him into submission, she squats over his face and unloads chunks of shit into his eager mouth.

Pee On Me!!

Ohh yes i love pee on my skin! Short but wet 🙂