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Quick Dirty Dump Before Work! (+wiping)

I’ve been so busy lately! Before I headed off to work this morning I was able to slide off my pencil skirt for a quick and drity dump ontot the top of my toilet seat!Got messy in my crack so I show some satisfying wipes off my poopy asshole ? After, I pick up the pile with my bare hands and pop it into a vacuum bag to take with me to the post office so someone can enjoy it ;PMy pussy even gets wet in all the excitement of getting this done before I run off to catch my train!

Horse Back Riding Princess Style I Part 2 Christine

The Girls just need Amusement. So we had the Idea first we poop into his Mouth, then we move our Butt a little more backward to restrict his Breathing. That makes him Panic and he starts behaving like a Horse.Part 1,2 and 4 are the juciest onesEnglish Subtitles

The Scat Chair

I pull the pants down, sit upright, with the bare ass on my favorite chair! Look at my ass and watch what I was shit on YOU !! Quietly!

Melissa’s Pov Farts And Turds!!

Melissa returns in three gassy poop clips. Enjoy as Melissa takes it back to POV style clips. She brings the camera nice and up close on that juicy booty of hers as she squeezes out farts and more! Another nice mix of home and away games as she takes you up close like rarely ever seen before!! We are all spoiled to see sexy, phat bootiie ladies like Melissa willing to show out for the camera! And boy what she shows in these clips!! Some Mega Shartz from point blank range!!