Nasty Yellow Piss

All The Pee Is Mine!

My mouth is open all day, waiting for their warm deposits. Some are salty, others salty-sweet. Others a bit coppery, that I can say. And what do we have here, a sexy lady about about to pee into my mouth. Give it to me lady, let that gold pour into my mouth so I can enjoy every bit of it. This one’s a bit shy, with her pearly white pussy I can smell all day. She squeezes her nose just a bit and her lips pucker as she releases her clear stream and my throat fills with the salty shower, just a bit more and I am in paradise.

Public Diarrhea

I am in the restaurant and wanna make some poop so muchÂ… I run to the toilet and surprise! This is very stinky diarrhea haha

Mistress Prepare A New Meal For Slave

Mistress cannot call the slave today and she wanna use the meal later. She prepare slave meal pissing in a cup and filling a big plate with Sousage Diarrhea. Perfect meal for her slave for later .. . .