Natalia Forrest Piss

In The Woods

I am taking a big shit in the woods.

Didnt Made It To Toilet

too urgent to find a proper toilet

Pissing On Newly Bought Slave!

All her slaves are top quality and thatÂ’s because they all go through her before they get sent to VIP clients. Right now she’s breaking this fresh one and today’s lesson is how to take piss like a champ. She takes off her skirt and panties so she can sit her ass on his eager face. She rubs her cunt all over his face to cover him with her pussy juice. When he’s all ready, she lets out a strong stream of piss right into his open mouth. She makes him take it all in so he can advance to the next lesson, where she can shit on him.

Only One Word….huge

The title really says it all, in one word … ‘huge’! An incredible amount of shit leaking from my ass divine. You’ll have to eat it all, until they died, until burst! Come on, you have all the time you want to do it, enjoy it!