Nature Pee Boxers

Mistress Anna – Facesitting Scat

There is no time like the present for using a slave. For a slave to be a fully functioning toilet substitute I can’t be bothered to get dressed up in a silly costume for its benefit every time I need to use a toilet. Here I am dressed in my every day wear and the slave is naked. I expose the only part of my body that has any use for its: my magnificent ass. I pull down my jeans enough to smother him with my posterior perfection and tell it, “deeper lick” while beating its balls with my whip. You perverts at home playing with yourselves will get a thrill watching me go around with my pants down around my thighs as I try various positions on the toilet. You get to see the beautiful expressions of pleasure and relief as I take a huge shit directly into its mouth. The noises it makes are amusing and my face lights up with sadistic pleasure. Finally, as the slave is slow to swallow, I have to don my blue plastic gloves and get it to swallow. Finally, by giving it the choice of breathing or eating, I get the disgusting creature to fulfill its purpose in life. The long period of training shows it worth, though, as the slave finally opens its mouth to show that it is done its task. As a reward I allow it to clean the bottom of my shoe and then, with my bare feet, alternately career and kick its balls, finally leaving it alone to contemplate its own worthlessness.

Tallulah Scat

See Tallulah playing with her Ass, receiving a pee enema and shitting on the bed. Very dirty and wet with Piss and Shit

Zelda’s Outdoor And Indoor Backshot Poops!!

Zelda is back With Three Great clips she did while on her last vacation of the summer. Enjoy in the 1st clip as she does a great outdoor clip. She shoes Bears are the only ones that take HUGE shits in the woods!! Then enjoy as she props the camera behind the toilet to show the logs coming out behind in the second two clips. Another great 3 pack of clips from Zelda!!

Very Very Hot Sausage Shaped

The sausage is really a picture book. Look at how I squeeze this puppy into a mold of my butt hole …