Naughty Donna Plays With Her Poop

Nikki Shits For Dave

Dave requested a pov clip where niki humilates him as a cuckold and shit eater. The clip is filmed by nikkis slave laying down under her, so you can watch princess Nikki shit as you would be her toilet slave. At the end she takes the cam and shows all the shit in slaves mouth.

Mistress Gaia – True Shit

You’ll never see so much shit in your life !! If you are a lover of the ridiculous amount this video is for you !!!! You definitely can not miss it !!!

Lady Bianka Neve First Time P2

Now both let the slave lying on the floor full of shit and going to another room to smoking and kissing each other and make some petting. After a while they goes back and control the position of the slave. Than Lady Bianca Neve likes to use the toilet slave for shitting and pissing. The toilet slave may lick clean the soles from the high heels which are full of shit.

Golden Shower 41

MOVIE IN ENGLISH!Today to his delight, Joschi gains a very special reward. No fewer than three of his dominant Mistresses present him with the most delicious gift he can imagine ? THEIR GOLDEN NECTAR. Lying in the bathtub he gets his first golden shower by Goddess Perfecta. After this superb pleasure Princess Crystal gets in the tub to continue the heavenly work of Her Glamour-Girlfriend. Joschi gets from Her a golden shower as well over his hair and face and is even allowed to trink a few drops of Her divine nectar. Finally after She has finished Lady Glasya gets in the bathtub and douses him once again with Her golden holy water.