Need To Poop Fuck

Part 2.princess Anabelle And Toilet Slavery

9/2/2018Toilet bowl for Princess.Part 1MorningEvening :)Princess Anabelle and Toilet Slavery

Pretty Girl Shits In Exchange For Cash – Part 2

They give her a bowl and make her produce shit and piss. She squats over the bowl and urinates on it. She was able to give quarter-full of piss. She stimulates her anus and shits on the bowl a few moments later. She shits again on a small blanket. The client hands over a wad of cash for her services.

Mistress Michelles Slave Bitch

Mistress Michelle has her slave here. Lisa takes the slave’s head in her leg pliers. So the slave has ever smell her ass. Then there is a facesitting session with Lisa. Suddenly Lady Lisa must shit and poops the toilet slave in his mouth, very close. He must chew and swallow and has to lick the asshole of Lisa clean. Both women spit in his slave mouth.