New Anal Shit Poop

Hayami 2 In 1

Back with 2 more nice views of pooping from behind!

The Girl With A Cool Ass Shit At The Wall

The girl with a cool ass shit at the wall.

Mia And Friends – Superturds

Featuring 4 fantastic girls pooping mega Sensation turds! – Dont miss that video!!!

Eat And Be Grateful

Today I prepared some new toys for my slave! First he is bound to thecross and gets the ball pillory with spikes in it, then he is allowed tofeel my nice nipple clamps with heavy weights.Then I treat his cock and balls with hard beats and candle wax.After a while his whimmering is boring to me, so I prepare a nice mealfor him. He has to eat my shit out of a dog bowl. After he startsvomiting, I take a cone and put it in his mouth to feed him further withscat and pee.So eat and be grateful!