Newgirls Pooping

Fetish Doll And Shit

I’ve been wanting to do a doll Fetish for a long time. They are so submissive and they will accept everything, and keep silent. My shit is so soft, it cracks and falls on the doll’s face. I imagine in this moment the face of a slave, your face! As I smear, I’ll start to feed, pushing my hands into his mouth. Still, scat is such a pleasure.

Domestic Slave Consumes Mistresses Fresh Shit

This is another day in the life of a domestic slave. Today he is given fresh nuggets of shit from his mistress. It is great to see the shit stretch the mistresses asshole as she pushes her shit out into the face of her slave in training.

Scat, Pee And Eat: Mistress Isabella

108.2 Here we have the second beautifull part of video 108: 29 min full of pissing, scat and eating. Here there are not close up on the details, this is an ‘home’ video, the camera is on and i do what i want with my slave-wc. MP4 easy to download. Let you see it!