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Scatology Nightclub! – Full Movie

This is an exclusive night club for Scat Fetish only! Here a rich man entered the room and is being entertained by a stripper who is Scat Queen. She dances towards him slowly with music and then teases him with her fine pussy! She made him strips and pokes fun at his small dick! She humiliated him as that dick wouldn’t please her so she just piss and shit on him instead!

Lady M Scat On Slave As Reward

Lady M doing another story for today. She challenge her toilet with a task : if he can cumm just with humiliation words, he will receive her shit in her bathtub, and she will help him to deepthroat most of it ! Of course slave succeed because he smell her dirty socks first, then suck them, clean them in his mouth and was use as personal ashtray….At the end he must swallow as much as he can….or else Lady M will be upset…

My Two Thickest Sausage Shitting In The 9th Month, And In A Sexy Outfit

It was time again for hot Thigh and a hot panties. I must press this extremely thick, but worth it. That you should not let you miss 😉

Late Night Krystals

I found this one in the camera from a few months ago … the morning after a late night run to Krystals! Not only did I have some cheese Krystals which would have been bad enough, but I had chilidog and a shake too! As you can imagine, there is plenty of gas to be heard and lots of plops too.