Nice Shit Lady

Delicious Food For Alina’s Toilet Slave

Delicious food for Alina’s toilet slave. Yesterday Alina ate a lot of delicious food at the birthday of her friend. Alina said that she ate: delicious cheese salads, sandwiches with caviar, a baked duck and many other snacks sipping it with juices and wine. As a result, due to the mixing of various dishes, Alina’s stomach struggled to digest such food and Alina wanted very much to shit in the morning. The meeting with the slave was scheduled for lunch, until that moment Alina was suffering and farting. When the slave arrived, Alina gladly threw out a bunch of smelly shit in his mouth, and the slave ate it with great pleasure – for him it was a delicacy! Along with the shit from the anus of Alina comes an incomprehensible mucus..

Public On A Resting Place Pissed At A Tree!

On the way home from my holiday at the North Sea I stopped on a resting place to take a short break. I only used a short transparent trousers suit and I am so to the resting benches, despite numerous people! Of course, I had to pee again, so I have there, put on a tree, my pussy released and pissed off! Then I went naked, on the resting place, pulled out and went home naked! I love to be naked, and I like to show what I have!

Please Piss In My Mouth!

Oh yes, now I’ll go really totally on it to the hot pee to swallow. First he licks my pussy, which I had a day is not allowed to wash so it tastes very intensively clean, then he pisses me and Rosella with an unending blasting his piss in our mouths wide open. Saugeile Pee Action ….

Shit An Night 02

Princess Nikki shits on a plate at night at the balcony