Niggest Shit From A Guy

Mistress Roberta – Shit Feeding In New Mode

Mistress Roberta humiliating her toilet in more kinky ways. She use a nice device to oblige her slave boy to keep his mouth open and receive all gifts from her asshole. Soon will be posted compilations with Roberta, Andreea, new mopvies with Silicone Goddess and NEw movies from Mistress Margo alias Scat Goddess. And also in 2 weeks, a huge surprise for all fans !

Lick My Shit Asshole

Today it was in my kitchen. Slave licke my boots and kiss my legs. He sucked heels of my boots. Then I sat on his face and he gasped from my asshole. Lick clean my sphincter. Deeper, push your tongue out more. Give that one’s more, my toilet slave. I’ll fuck you in the mouth. Take my shit and eat. I put my boot on your shitty fucking mouth. Lick, suck, kiss my shit.

Alina Is Bathing And Shitting Under The Trees

Alina and I came to the river. Today it’s very hot +29 and Alina really wanted to take a dip in the cool water. We rested, ate watermelon, when suddenly Alina wanted to shit. On the beach there were a lot of people and we spent some time to find a place where Alina could calmly take it! After 5 minutes of searching, we found a deserted place in which Alina poured out her smelly shit!

Thick Girl In White Stockings Pissing On The Floor.

Thick girl in white stockings pissing on the floor.