Nikki Pooping Jeans

Lisa Shiting And Pising On Old Guy Second Cam Version

This old guy is so disgusting. Lady Lisa can use him only as her toilet, Just pissing in shitting in his old discusting stinky mouth!this is the sme clip but another cam angle.

Sloppy Shit Burger!

I had just finished eating a nice juicy hamburger and french fries when I realized I had to take a shit! Then I thought…why don’t I make you guys a sloppy shit burger? Watch me take a huge shit in my plate with leftovers and proceed to make you guys a delicious Sloppy Shit Burger! You want to sink your teeth into this one 😉

Slave Fed By Funnel From Two Schoolgirl Mistresses!

This domestic slave is well trained and when the 2 schoolgirl mistresses return home he is waiting eagerly for whatever they have in store for him. This time, they funnel feed him golden juice before giving him a solid feeding of solid shit. It is served into a bowl for his consumption to ensure that he doesn’t waste any of their sweet nectar. He finishes all! *Special Discount*