Nimated Cartoon Poop

Heap Of Smelly Shit

I have a permanent toilet slave and he likes to be my toilet very much! As usual he lay on the floor and wants that I’m fill his mouth with my shit. I command him to lick my ass, before he can enjoy the smell of my turd. I told him to open his mouth and keep it open until it is full. Then I spit in his mouth and shove shit into his throat. He is a good real toilet!

Mistress Uma’s Toilet

Russian mistress Uma uses a slave like a toilet, makes licking boots, plays with slave’s ass and dick

Kinky Schoolgirl Punishes Old Professor – Part 2

She blows her nose and aims her sticky snot at his face. She sits on his couch and makes him remove her boots. She shoves her smelly feet at him and makes him lick them.