No Panties Pee

Served Christina With Her Eyes Closed

Served Christina with her eyes closed

Replacement Toilet

Together with Miss Jane I take a look in an old storage room because we have to go and the toilets are locked. We find a guy who living in there – without further questions, we decided to use his mouth as a toilet. First I shit onto his skull, then Miss Jane poops in his mouth. The guy pukes and chokes … Why? *laughs*

Two Domestic Mistreses Train Their Slaves

One mistress specializes in femdom training and the other mistress takes a medical approach in the training of her slave. Here we are given a great insight into the two different styles of humiliation but both share the same goal. Each slave must be trained to obey his mistresses every command. The femdom mistress face sits and places pegs on her slaves tiny cock while the nurse mistress humiliates her slave with a tease and denial handjob.After smothering her slave, the femdom mistress takes out a glass to use as a drinking glass for her slave. She fills it with her fresh piss before ensuring he consumes every last drop. Wastage will not be tolerated! ***SPECIAL DISCOUNT***

In Chuck’s Pissed Dirty And Drunk

Come, I’ll show you how I once in my dirty Chucks piss and drink because of it. As always, I enjoyed it very tasty.