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Broken Toilet 25 – Direct Feed

WARNING!! This video is NOT for the faint hearted as it contains direct feeding scenes (with consent between me and my slave Devoted Sub) from my rectum to my slave’s throat. Scene’s also include extreme face sitting / humping and suffocation with my shit.It’s the 25th episode of Broken Toilet already? Well, for the 25th anniversary I simply MUST do something special for all of you! I start off by hiding the camera and then calling my slave into the room. He doesn’t know this first scene is being secretly filmed as I want to show you all how it works on a day to day basis. I explain to him what I’m planning for Broken Toilet 25, of course I don’t tell him it will be a direct feeding though. Since I know I’m about to put him through massive agony I decide to let him smell my vagina, you know, to ease my own conscious for what’s about to happen ;-)In the next scene the camera is set up for what he THINKS will be a routine 69 position. I explained to him I’m using a new method of restrain on him to make things interesting by handcuffing his arms tight around my body.At first he is calm as I start to push out the first of many thick & firm turds into his mouth. Now the REAL fun starts as I suddenly sit down with my asshole firmly on his open mouth and say: “Surprise! feeding time!!!”Watch his insane & intense struggle as I grunt and push out three more MASSIVE and firm turds out slowly, using the power of my rectum to slowly pushing it down his throat as he growls, struggle and make screaming noises for mercy that I’ll never show.Biggest challenge is wanting to make sure you can see this is really happening. So I lift up a little so you can see the last thick turds sliding out of my asshole filling his mouth to capacity.If only he knew the true agony was about to only start now. I sit down on his face with my full weight, within a few seconds I realized my shit is sealing off his nasal cavities as well. He simply can’t breathe. I’m truly suffocating him with my thick shit!His muffled screams for air through my thick shit into my ass after around a minutes sent me over the edge. The feeling of his face trying to squirm out of my ass, smashing my shit even deeper into his own throat and nose sent me into an intense climax.It turned into helpless, pathetic pleading noises & screams for air and mercy. So instead of getting up and helping him get air I started riding & humping his face for almost another minute enjoying the waves of pleasure from my orgasm.I put him through true hell and enjoyed every second of my sadistic pleasure doing it. I filmed his glazed & shot eyes afterwards. He was so exhausted from this ordeal he was just laying there. He was just grateful I let him have air and that he can please me in this way.DISCLOSURE:Please NEVER attempt this at home as it can be extremely dangerous. My husband was behind the camera the entire time in case something went wrong. I have 16 years’ experience in using human toilets and 12 years’ experience in direct feeding slaves. My slave, my husband and I are all trained in basic medical aid and CPR. My slave was not injured during the making of this film and I do these feedings on him on a regular basis with his consent. Do NOT try what you saw in this video in ANY way shape or form…

Getting My Panties Wet!!!

Hi guys! This was supposed to be my first scat clip ever but I tried to poo and my butthole got shy, LOL Anyways…I did pee a lot in my panties and fart a little so you won’t be disappointed, you also get up close and personal with my pretty little pussy and shit hole 😉 Hope you enjoy and come back for more! xoxo

Cinderella The Shitting Princess

One of the sweetest Girls ever filmed while Shitting. Cinderella is an Art Student from San Francisco, and she is pooping wonderful turds right into the cam-eye…

Pee Hidden Camera 15 Scenes

In this movie we use a hidden camera direct in the toilet to see girls pee direct from the toilet view. Nice 15 scenes of pee in interesting toilet positions