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You Are Only Toilet For Me

I met a slave lying on the threshold and he waited for me all day. He knows his place and dutifully awaits his Mistress. I enjoy the suffering on so many levels. The suffering from being made to swallow my shit and the pain that comes from contemplating my superior beauty and the knowledge that you could never be with a woman as beautiful and sophisticated as me – except as a toilet. This is the kind of pain that seeing me in my elegant dress and observing my refined walk causes you. For a man, seeing a woman pull up her dress over that beautiful ass would mean he is about to have the greatest pleasure imaginable and engage in the ultimate act confirming his manhood. For you, seeing the skirt slide up over my firm ass checks means only humiliation. It means that it is time for me to shit. It means you are about to undergo the ultimate degrading act, the negation of not only your manhood, but your humanity. It means that you are a toilet. Lick my butt, loser. I rest my asshole right against your mouth until I drops my shit right in your throat. I want to enjoy your suffering!

Mistress Roberta – Teasing And Using My Pot Part 2

After kissing my stoking body i pee and poop on his face wipe my ass and push the toilet paper in his mouth and smear all his body with shit while he is playing with his cock full with shit, enjoy!

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Shitting In Hot Pants

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