Noodles Sea Son Ed With Piss And Shit

Poop In The Bowl (hd 720p)

Melissa will fill this bowl, the sight of this delicious chocolate will awaken your most hidden senses, because the preparation will be accompanied by very loud noises and smells. Inevitably you will instantly make a paw, because you are just a slaughtered slave in search of strong sensations.

Feeding The Toilet Slave

Silicone Goddess Antonella feeding her toilet slave. She’s pooping into his hungry mouth some big shit and then he eats it.

What A Shit

I’m proud to say: What a shit! It’s perfect, but see it yourself!

Training For Being A Toilet (part1)

My new slave never served as a toilet before, so now he is educated well by me. First I teach him respect, he is fixed up on the cross and feels what will happen, if he does not obey. His nipples, balls and cock are tortured slowly. Then he must lie down and gets his first surprise. Blindfolded he could not see my dirty tampon, that I slipped out and put it directly in his mouth… CHEW! Afterwards he received his first golden shower. And just lick all from the ground, what you did not swallow.