Nude Girl Poopping Her Pants

Ladies Give Their Victim Mouthfuls Of Piss! – Part 1

As soon as these two sweethearts brought their victim into their dungeon, they make him strip off his clothes! When he is left with only his underwear, they lay him on the floor and then begin urinating all over his body including his face! When the guy learned of the ill fate he has gotten himself into, he tries to get up and escape, however, one of the dominatrix is quick to step on his body and pin him on the ground! To make things worse, she orders him to open his mouth, allowing the other sweetheart to piss in his mouth and make him swallow!

She Is Pissing In The Bathtub

She is pissing in the bathtub

Alina Pooping In Mouth Of A Toilet Slave And Throwing Shit In Mouth

Today Alina was in a good mood! She decided to play with her personal toilet slave like a dog. Alina pooping him in the mouth, then she made a shit ball and threw a slave into her mouth – the slave must catch the ball from the shit and bring it in his mouth and hand it in his hand.

Traveller Takes A Dump On Primitive Shithole

When you gotta shit, you gotta shit. This babe doesn’t care if the inn doesn’t have a proper bathroom. She squats on the opening and shits on the filthy bucket a few feet below. She wipes her stinky ass with toilet paper, no washing needed.