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I Dream Of Barbie…

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Trampling And Ns For The Slave In The Cage

(Year 2011) Fine the slave in my cage lies and bears the Trampling, first with my Heels, then with my nylon feet.  In the end I tear up the stocking pair of pants between my thighs and piss it into its Slavemouth!  It licks the remaining dirt then fine of the ground and collected another couple of step into the balls!! 

Tied And Masked And Pushed To Orgasm And Scat!

She is shy, but her fate is sealed. She is tied and her legs are spread. She is wearing a tight leotard that exposes her tits and has a carefully crafted slit to expose her cunt. You are armed with your vibrating wand and you are going to stimulate her and half way through she says she wants to take a shit. This is YOUR time to get what you want. You are going to stimulate her until she explodes and cannot hold her shit in any longer!