Nudist Takes Shit

New Year Poop

Last vision of the year of my delicious caviar ;). In this video: starting with seduction topless, voyeur booty hole and a enormous shit in the bowl. I tell you what I ate before pissing on all this shit. I show the bowl a second time.Enjoy

Special Dinner For My Slave

I am standing in the kitchen at the stove and I am cooking a truly delicious menu. My slave comes into the kitchen and asks me what to eat. But for him I have a special dinner today. I urge him to lie down on the floor. Then I push my dirty asshole on his mouth and he can lick me and get a taste.Then I put a funnel in his mouth and shit a big load directly into it. Afterwards I still piss. This makes the whole thing a little more enjoyable. But it seems a little too much for him. He starts eagerly to swallowing my shit, but he obviously has some problems with it.Also, my vehement call and my light strokes with a spoon do not help. But it seems to be delicious. When my slave cums I let grace prevail. This time he does not have to eat it all.

Smoke Lovers Shit

Hello there my sexy darling. Have you been waiting for me? Waiting for me to take a nice, BIG, fat shit & smoke this very yummy cigarette. I know that you love it. Not only do you love the warm, stinky shit that comes out of my ass, but you love the smoke that comes out of my mouth… don’t you? Well, this is your lucky day. Sit back and watch me do both. Watch as I tease you with my cigarette… blowing smoke in your face and on my tits….showing off my ass and asshole…. telling you what I ate the day before to make my stinky shit. Then I get on all fours and push out my load…. smearing some around my asshole and cheeks… smelling my fingers while I take puffs from my cigarette. Your already getting hard aren’t you?

Alma, The Dirty Shitter..

Watch Alma, a nurse from Prague, pushing out her turds, and playing dirty with it…