Nurse Piss On Face

Tootsie Roll Thick Hard Turd Drops

Tootsie wanted you to worship her big booty as she slow dances on her stairs and warms up your meal. She then drops some thick big turds on the floor from her stairs. Are you hungry?

Gourmet Scat For Free!

This cute chef has a specialty. Yes, you can eat it, but no, it’s not something she cooks. It’s her scat! You gotta see and taste it to believe it! She gets naked and squats over a porcelain plate then ejects a small pile of poop on it! She hands the plate to you and make you taste it using a pair of chopsticks!

Eat My Smelly Shit You Worm!

And the next all-absorbing toilet slave who has applied to me, to serve me as a living-loo. First, I spit the worm in its mouth before he got to swallow a fat-charge of my Spicy-pee. After that I pooped a fat portion of my Smelly shit into his slaves mouth. He has this, then completely swallowed, and that he actually eats the whole shit, I fed him with a spoon. As a reward, I have blown his cock deep and he splashed off in a very short time!


Ruslana is naughty runnig diareeah in sexy beige jeans;)