Nurse Vomiting

Goddess And A New Toilet In Training

Today Goddess just accepted a new human toilet in her stable. This time she take him slowly, teaching him how to satisfy her ass and pussy before feeding him with her Diarrhea. He was good at cunilingus and anilingus and Goddess was happy at the end. Toilet was allowed to cumming after he eating and swallowing her kaviar.

Broken Toilet 4 – Full Consumption In Kitchen

I must have the most unreliable bathroom toilet in the world! Welcome to Broken Toilet 4. Here I’ll teach you how to multitask and do proper time management. I’m in the mood to take a slow, satisfying shit but my slave will need to have breakfast. Whatever will I do? I know! I’ll shit in his mouth and he must swallow all of my thick, meaty turds. That way I get to enjoy a relaxing shit and he gets breakfast! Smart hey? Watch my slave as he swallows my thick, meaty turds bite for bite in full view of the camera and show you his empty dirty mouth after each swallow until all my turds are gone!Note: As far as possible I’ll upload a new clip every 48 to 72 hours xoxo

Mizuki Dine And Dump 2

This time an amazing poop while standing. (Portrait Mode: 1080×1920)

7 Girls Party Scat P2

The mouth of the slave is already filled up, but it is clear that was not the end of the Party, lets go and shit him deeply in his mouth, hahaha