Nut Raped Pissed

Attacks In The Forest –

The slave has shown his worst side. Without a word, the mistress packs some utensils into her bag, points her slave to the door with the car key. The naughty slave is very meek. He travels with the mistress in the nearby forest on a track used by Monten bikers. The slave is afraid and when he opens his mouth, he gets slaps, kicks and verbal attacks. His car key throws the mistress behind her back in the bushes. She orders the slave lying down on his back, pulls down her pants and pisses on the slave’s face and into slave’s mouth. The slave was stuffed his cheeky mouth completely. The slave will behave properly in the future.

A Pervert Desire – Swallow Shit!

I have a toilet slave and I use him everywhere. He is very obedient and accustomed to serving me in my toilet. First I give him a lick of my dirty shoes, so that he cleanses them with his tongue to shine. Then he starts to lick my asshole until I tell him stop! After this word, he opens his mouth and waits for me to fill his mouth with my shit. I like to talk with slave at this moment and look him straight in the eye when a huge smelly poo comes out straight from my ass in his throat. Do you really like that? This is your pervert desire and it’s all in your mind!

Crazy Amateur Woman Shits In The Subway

Crazy amateur woman shits in the subway