Obese Woman Shits

Especially Foul Shit

“I know, I seem cruel. I know, I seem heartless. But you know, this is best for you…You will be happier when you accept your fate.” So I explain to my slave as I deliver one of the foulest shits ever in the history of toilet slavery. This video is a gift to all my admirers and future slaves: no music, just a the best view of my perfect body and, more importantly, my wisdom and the sound of my voice as I try to help my toilet slave understand and accept its fate. You get to see me whip the slave and torture its balls, but better yet, you get to see the smile on my face and the light in my eyes as he pleads, squirms and suffers. I like to have a leisurely cup off coffee before I use a toilet, but fortunately I can whip a slave with one hand. You get to admire my flawless form from many angles. Ball kicking offers an opportunity for me to twist and turn, displaying various aspects of my perfect body to the camera. My toned, smooth legs are displayed to their best advantage in my black lace panties and bra as I maneuver to catch the slaves receding testicles with my kicks. My slave is so broken it does not even bother to ask why I am hurting it. It knows the answer: his pain makes me happy. Once I take my place over the slave I switch to the slave’s eye views and back again as it massages my sacred orifice. The slave is so far up my ass with its tongue you almost don’t see the shit coming down into its mouth. You get to see me naked from the waist down as I explain to the slave why it should gratefully accept its fate as my shit receptacle. So you can play with your tiny dick as you listen to my words of wisdom and dream of being my waste disposal. As my perfect foot rests on top of its head pushing his mouth down onto its meal it says, “Thank you Mistress Anna,” over and over again.

Multiple Shitty Situations Part 1

Girl Uses Man

I Have To Pee Now!

Amber is a shy redhead girl and she really needs to pee! She enters the bathroom and starts to take off her clothes very soon. Then she sits down on the toilet bowl and let the pee flow out of her pussy. There lands some pee right into the bowl but a lot of pee also lands on the toilet seat. There is only one thing to do now: Come and lick the pee away! Make the toilet seat clean again, just with your tongue! While you do so Amber starts to play with her pussy and enjoys the power her pee has over you…!