Office Girl Shitting

Lisa Marie’s Ma.s.s.ter Pieces!

I just can’t get enough of Lisa Marie!! What a wonderful new talent!! This sexy lady loves putting that booty of hers to work!! Enjoy all The TnT (That’s Twerkin’ and Turdin’!) ass she puts that beautful ass on full display before beginning with a nice pee. All that jigglin done got her bowels to moving!! She returns a while later to take a hovering dump. The way the log wormed out her ass, it nearly missed the bowl entirely!! She let out a nice phat log all over the toilet seat!! She saved the best for last however as she begins twerking and booty popping in a sexy orange tight outfit. Then enjoy as she spreads her ass and squats over the floor to let out a nice load!! This young cutey pie is on the road to greatness!!

My Slave Wanking To My Shit!

ScarlettMarie takes a big dump on her toilet slave as he wanks to it! I think it’s quite kinky!!!

Morning Toilet

Mistress Michelle uses a toilet slave in the morning and while she is shitting in his mouth, she works with her computer without attention to the slave.

11.164 Long Shit Soft

11.164 This is my long shit, a very long shit, all italian shit, and very soft like an icecream! This is the perfect and easier shit to eat!