Oilet Messy Poop Hidden Cam

Toilet Orgy – Part 1

Once I met a man. As it turned out – he is a big fan of toilet fetish. This man gave me his amateur video. Group toilet orgy, in which several men and two women participate. This is an incredible sight – they fuck, suck dicks and lick pussies, urinate and shit at each other. I was in a real shock from this clip … Do not miss this unique amateur craziness!

Mistress Emily – Shit Devotion

Okey, my scat boy, show everyone what you are worth. Lie down on the floor in my bathroom and lick my sweet legs. After maybe I’ll reward you with a delicious dinner for good obedience. Lick my asshole while I groan for pleasure. Put your tongue in my ass. I LOVE it when you do it, my toilet. Now open your mouth wider. As I promised, I will reward you with a delicious dinner right from my ass. A huge long shit falls into your mouth. Then again and again. Oh, I finished shit. Did you like it? I will spit in your mouth. Now you must swallow my shit along with my spit. Come on, lie down, I’ll show everyone your fucking mouth before you start eating my shit.

Mistess Gaia – Butt Plugg Scat Slut – Hd Version

My Louboutine shoes are frightfully expensive. I want to keep them clean at all times. So I have my scat slut here in my dungeon to lick them clean for me. If he knows what’s good for him, he better make a good job of them. I have some toys to hand in case he needs to be punished. As he licks my shoes, I begin to feel a little restless and decide to have some fun with my slut. So I put him on his knees and chain his arms behind him. Well lubricated, the large butt plug is going to make sure his ass is open nice and wide, and he suffers for me. It’s also near lunch time. I’m sure my scat slut is getting hungry. So I prepare his lunch, a nice bowl full of my shit. I’m going to make sure the filthy slut enjoys all of it. I begin feeding it to him making sure he chews and swallows it. As if my giving him his lunch wasn’t enough. He asks to be further rewarded by masturbating himself. I don’t want him to soil my rug. I tell him to crawl to the tiled area making sure he keeps his butt plug in place. As he begins to jerk off. I get out my flogger, and give him a good lashing. As he cums, I tell him he must clean his mess by licking my tiles nice and clean. He seems to have no problem eating my shit. However, he doesn’t like the idea of licking his own cum. What a slut… I think I’ll replace the flogger with my whip!


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