Oilet Poopingshit Cat

Mistress Gaia – Eat It All, Slave

ITALIAN SPOKENMy personal slave spends the night locked inside the cage in my dungeon. The rule is as follows: if he behaves well during the day, I allow him to sleep in the big cage, which is more comfortable; if, instead, his behavior is unsatisfactory, I lock him in the small cage, where the space is really small. This morning, even if he spent the night in the big cage, he is complaining, saying that he hardly slept during the entire night. I hate wailing slaves and this is already enough to lock him for a week in the small cage but I’m in a good mood today and I want to give him a second chance. I‘m going to let him sleep in the big cage if he will eat ALL my shit and drink ALL my pee. I have a lot of shit today and it is pretty hard. I’m not eating much fruit and vegetables these days. His task is not going to be easy. Will he succeed?

Secured Toilet Before Feeding Time

Goddess play safe today with her toilet. She secured him and abuse him as she wish. Dildoes, butt plug in ass, strapon fucking . . . .all before she shitting into his throat and order him to eat and swallow before cumm !

Scat Before Milano

Now now now, before to go to take the fly for Milano I need to do pee and poo, that’s normal, and my slave will be my toilet!!!!!!! The clip have two views, from the room and… from my bottom, so you can not loose anything!!!!!! Let you see it! MP4 easy and fast download.

Part 2, Set The Naked Ass In The Shit

You can watch here and now, as I very carefully closer, touch me my brown, still warm turd in tender and then .. then I sit down purely gaaaaaaanz slowly 🙂 I think you end up with shit smeared my ass back: – )