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Dirty Anal And Scat Facial

Okay, you depraved scat freaks. You made your voices heard. I finally did one for you guys and gals. :PI first take a dump on top of my toy container/stand and then fuck my dirty hole with my toy. Then I decide to suck on my shit, and then rub my face all over it several times. Eventually, I decided to mix my shit with vomit and bathe my face with it.More scat clips will come later.

Shit Out Of Asshole8

I really want to shit. I’m on all fours. my holes are seen close-up. I’m starting to shit. it’s amazing. I shit a lot. I smear the shit with my hands on the red mat

Drinking Piss Like Its Beer!

He’s so enchanted with his slutty girlfriend that he’ll do anything to please her. When she tells him she wants to piss on his face, he willingly lay down on the floor butt naked to wait for her golden urine. She places a funnel on his mouth and then squats over his face. She pisses into the funnel and the piss goes straight to his mouth.

Kinky Schoolgirl Punishes Old Professor – Part 2

She blows her nose and aims her sticky snot at his face. She sits on his couch and makes him remove her boots. She shoves her smelly feet at him and makes him lick them.