Oilet Shitting Compilation

Man Wakes Up And Has To Drink Piss!

This man is in innocently sleeping in his bedroom when he received unwanted and unexpected visitors! Two ladies barged into his home and woken him up from his slumber! What they do next is take off their panties and then take turns urinating in the mouth of the victim! With the women having full bladders, the victim ends up swallowing more than a dozen mouthfuls of their piss! In the process, he repeatedly gets re positioned all over his bedroom!

Josephina’s Farty Sharty Weekend

Josephina Came back with a great set of quick Farts and sharts – and even a few logs mixed in!! This Gassy latina BBW was putting in some serious work!! All that Barbeque from Labor Day Weekend did a number on her stomach!! Enjoy as she even mixes in a few public scenes for the first time as well!! These are some the best if not the THE best toilet farts this year!!

Salena Farts And Poops In Toilet (hd Wmv Video 1280×720 Pixels 5000 Kb/s)

Shy college girl Salena farting and pooping in the toilet (HD wmv video 1280×720 Pixels 5000 kb/s)