Old Dirty Farting

Rie Sushi Poop

Turning sushi into poop!

Uses And Humiliated

My slave expected harsh torments, I had beaten only five days no more slaves. This is almost deprivation for me *smile*. Before his stomach gets filled with piss from me and Miss Jane I torture his balls and his cock. I drill my heels in his miserable body and his balls are only kicked with boots then rolled, punched and beaten. We whip his ass until it is beautifully colored. The Loser suffers and we have our fun. In between, he eats from my ass. He eats and drinks everything, as befits a brave slaves.

Now You Are Officialy A Toilet Part 9 Valery

This is our Movie that consumed a Lot of Resources to make it the Way we wanted. And still…2 Guys are looking for work and find Nicole that hires them as permanent Toilets and short Time later, they find themselves tied up under the Toilet in a Club. Here they are with no Option left other then swallow all this Poop coming their Faces WayEnglish Subtitles