Old En Piss Bottle

Sinnamon’s Making A Dent In The Bowl!!

I swear, Sinnamon must eat Meteors or something!!! The logs she was spewing out her ass in these Clips are a site to see!! Sinnamon returns with her longest and FUNKIEST clips ever!! Enjoy a Funky Dozen minutes worth of big turds both at home and at work as she goes front facing and reverse Kanga as she switches it up in each clip. But the Monster Loads coming out her ass are a sight to behold!! She was making a mess all over the toilet and the floor as well! Some serious Backsplashers!! Oh well it’s not her bathroom anyways!!

Dominatrix Buries Slave’s Face In Piss And Feces!

During this day, dominatrix pulls out her slave from his cage and then begins preparing his meal! Though, it isn’t what he expects! She puts a bowl on the floor and then urinates and defecates inside it! When she is finished, she puts it closer to the guy and tells him to dig in! When he positioned his head near the bowl, she steps on the back of his head and then buries his face underneath her piss and poop! Left with no choice, he devours and swallows everything as fast as he could!

Scat Eating Cherry Torn

Cherry Torn receives the shit for tasting and eating. Watch the extreme Cherry Torn who lives now in the US.

Only Pee Waiting A Turd

065.3 Now, my slave is a WC-SCAT- Toilet slave. Do you understand me? May be my english-US is not perfect, but i mean that this slave is suffering all to have in the mouth my turd, my shit. Unluckly the shit doesen’t arrive!!!!! Only pee. You can not immagine to be under my bottom after 1 hour of sufference and torture and can not have a little turd in the mouth. This is Mistress Isabella. Better to stay by me in Sardinia during 3 or 4 days, so you can eat!!!!! MP4