Old Extreme Kaviar

Mega Diarrhea

I stand over my slave face, shitting in his mouth and smiling at its discomfort. My legs and ass are shown to best effect in my new stockings. This is a extremally raunchy session. There is shit he has to eat. This is diarrhea and in my new position, there is no escape for the slave.I am standing facing opposite my slave so My Pussy looms in even greater detail right above the pig’s eyes, reinstating the fact that it is not a man and can never be with a woman like me. Finally, the shit comes out and it is almost totally liquid as it streams into the slave’s mouth. I show a closeup of my shit on his face. Be sure to wait until you are staring at my shit before you let your cum spew from your little dick!

Pooping 2 Times Pov Episode 5

In the first scene I squat over a plate my ass facing you. I poop and piss in the plate. I spread my ass cheeks and strain my asshole. Then I turn around and lay down on the floor. I show you my straining asshole some more. I show you my poop from a close angle with my HD camera. In the second scene I poop facing you in my bathroom. I also pee. I change position, spread my ass and I strain my asshole in your face. I wipe my butt and show you the dirty toilet paper. Then I show you my poop from a closer angle. ***This is the SD/MOBILE Version of the clip. You can also find the HD version of the clip in my store.***

Aya Nuggets From Behind

Farting with and without jeans then stretched out by hard nuggets of poop! Self-filmed. Close-up ending.

Gorgeous Brunette Washes Her Feet With Her Piss

Gorgeous brunette pees in a bowl and then washes her feet in it