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Yes folks, the title says it all! So something to see and experience, only with me, and by me! On the horny bastard party at 13:08:16 in Stuhr, inseminated, my Teeny-girlfriend Penny (PennyPayne) and me several guys our mouths. We collected the sperm in our mouth-pussy and spit this on a plate. We also practiced Cum swap from mouth to mouth. The semen on the plate, enriched with our spit, we were then repeatedly run into our mouths. The sperm spit-swill, we could then run out of our mouths, in a bowl. In this bowl then urinated yet a user, so that a perverse piss sperm-drool cocktail originated. This perverse cocktail I then completely swallowed and drunk. And I have also, repeatedly, gargled with liquid manure before I gulped down greedily! Dream Team Penny and Rosella:Pervers, Perversly, most Perverted!

Pee In Doggy Style

Pee in doggy style is something I try for the first time..Watching the clip afterwards, I was quite convinced I am peeing diamonds!