Old Ledy Pooping

Happy Easter Scat

Today Mistress is good, decides to make a video to wish you Happy Easter toilet slaves.What better way to wish happy Easter if you do not make a good crap directly into the Easter egg ….The mistress takes half an egg and starts to shit inside, all filmed in the foreground, the shit is very abundant, can fill the whole egg!Then broke a small piece of chocolate, it contains a little shit, and calls on the slave to eat this good Easter snack!!

Scat Cowgirl. Part 2

In this video I ride the shit, eat the shit, smear the shit, have shitty orgazms, drink and smear my piss, insert different things into my shithole including and hair brushes. ride enemas, do endless ammounts of them, turn my bathtud and my room to totally shitty and dirty home of filth I am good girl, I am Lilith, mother of shit, scat cowgirl. Eat shit, smear shit together with me, enjoy my video. This is part one. Part two is comming.

Pissing – Drank 400 Ml Of Ex

I just could not assume the finger again and had to leave my drink freshly tapped piss. Man that’s been delicious again. But I know also that you have liked what tasted it.