Old Man Eats Poo

Mistress Anita Filling Toilet Mouth With Her Golden Piss

Mistress Anita is back on videos ! She is a gorgeous Romanian Domme and she love to have many slaves at disposal. She also use them as full toilets, whenever she want that ! Today she strapon fuck her slave and give him her fresh champagne, as reward.

Married Slut Part 1 – Human Toilet For Her Master

A new movie with a married slut and her master. They have a nice session today with many many bdsm and toilet parts. In this first episode, they kissing, fucking each other, cock sucking, pussy licking, deepthroating, slapping, collared whore and a perfect scene in the bathroom with whore girl receiving master piss directly into throat. She obey and drink his piss to satisfy her master. Movie was recorded with 2 cameras, that’s why you can see all the action from 2 angles.

Big Shit In My Hand And Shit In My Mouth And Swallow

I stand and start to wander, a lot of bumps on the ground. Then I get down on my knees and lick the piss out of the ground and swallow piss.I have to follow orders.The new order is kneeling on my knees and do shit in your hand. I try my ass and gives a nice big shit.Another order is shit in my mouth, let the whole big shit in my mouth, I have to chew shit and swallow.Then I suck dick and suck my master cum….

Scat For The Foreigner P2

Now it’s my turn. His mouth is opened wide with a mouth gag. Unfortunately, it comes out only two hard pieces of shit. But not so bad, Lady Grace has shit too. Lady Grace is shtting in their pants and then Lady Angie presents the big pile of shit and put the shit directly on his face. The hole shit covered his face now. I like it to see this slave in such helpless position and press the soft pile of shit a little more on his face. After that Lady Grace gives him a special present directly out of her stomach. She pukes over his body and he begins to moan.