Old Man Licking Pissy

Lady In Green Unleashes A Big One

The lady in green looked gorgeous in her light green dress and white, high heels. But she looked even more gorgeous when she pulled down her panties to reveal a dark brown chocolate anus that expanded easily when she pushed down. Her slick anus blossomed easily with the lightest touch, and her dark brown turd had a smooth, enjoyable tip that you can play with as the rest of it just eased down, slowly and enjoyable, to give you more time to enjoy its buttery texture. Her turd smelled acidic and putrid, with hints of acidity. The lady in green didn’t know that I saw all this, and I’m waiting for her to leave so I can break her turd down and play with it.

Potty Mouth Gets A Surprise

Mistress Erica wants to give her Potty Mouth a treat…Champagne Pee. She isn’t doing well with aiming and is blaming him for her mishaps.Finally, she pushes too hard and shits.

Madame Jeannette Bizarre – 0,65 Pounds Of Shit

First Madame is playing with her slave, before she gives him his food. 0,65 pd has to be eaten !