Old Penis While Pee

Pissing In The White Pantyhose 1 ** Fan Video 6 **

These tights have done to me. A very pure color – innocence. In it my little penis looks quite shy and sweet. Even my fat ass can not tarry in it. But the right water comes from my bladder directly from the little hole in the glans of my cock. Yellow urine – also called piss bubbles through the fine mesh. Hot pee that makes the nylon wet. Horny feeling on the feet

Hidden Camera Catches Sweetheart Peeing And Pooping!

Unable to hold the need to take a piss, a sweetheart decides to settle with a wooden cubicle in the middle of nowhere! Inside, she proceeds to take off her panties and begin peeing on a small wooden opening on the floor! She releases a huge stream that took quite some time to stop! However, that isn’t the end of it! Her stomach is acting up as well and she ends up following her pee with some wet poop! She release stream after stream, then later follows it with a huge lump!

Geneva’s Back Making A Mess!!

One of my Favorite MILF’s is back!!! Good News for long term fans of Ladies Keeping It Funky, some of your favorite FUNKY ladies are returning back to the fold! I have long joked my site is sorta like the TV show Game of Thrones, minus the murder of course! But like the show, some of your favorite characters disappear never to heard from again, Some disappear without notice. Some get plain replaced or written off. Basically your favorite can come and go at any time!! Also new characters appear (see Geneva this year, Zelda in 2016) that make you forget all about the ones that aren’t here currently. Fast forward to today and Geneva has returned from a long Hiatus FUNKIER than ever!!! She was often slept on. But she is back with a better camera and a bigger ass!! Enjoy as she continues to make a mess of her toilet!! Enjoy two clips as she shits from the edge of the toilet onto the floor. What a Mess!!

Daniela Interview

Girl is interviewed while sitting on a Man’s Face and pooping into him with english Subtitles