Old Shit Piss

Big Sensual Poop

This is a front-facing, sensual, EFRO style clip and includes a couple of extremely long (nearly foot long) soft logs. I start off in a sexy short dress and underwear, telling you how badly I need to use the toilet. Then I take the dress off, showing you my sexy body in matching satin underwear. I take my bra off, showing off my big natural DDDs and bouncing them for you. Then I bend over, slide my thong down and spread my ass cheeks, showing you my tight little hole which is about to be stretched out by my big log. I climb onto the toilet in a squatting position and get ready to push it out. I push out a very long, thick log and it makes a big splash as it hits the water. I moan with pleasure and relief as it leaves my body. A few more smaller logs come out after this, splashing me with toilet water too. I also pee in between logs. Then I wipe, showing you the toilet paper with my skid marks on it and show you what’s in the toilet bowl, full of last night’s dinner! Ten minutes later I am back and a few very small chunks come out as I squat over the bowl again. There is a similar short 10 second clip of a thick log coming out of me (no audio) at the end of this video as a little bonus extra!

Girls Shitwall Part 1 Feet

That is the most Humilliating yet !!! Girls sitting on a Wall that retains the Slave. He has to stay there until all the Girls are done cleaning their Feet with his Tounge then Shit into his Mouth and feeding him with their Feet. The Girls don’t take much Notice of him under them, except the one that is using him at that Moment. Maybe one of the nicest Movies we made. For you to decide !English Subtitles

Shitload And Piss Including Peeling

Absolutely it, you’re here! Naked ass and Polochöffnung working vigorously 🙂 Here comes a lot of my shit, pee and I have. Then I hold the camera in the toilet, and subtract.

Shit With Applesauce

The two together just tastes really delicious.