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Scat Feedind And Shit Smearing!

New scat feeding movie with Princess ray! Goddess was horny today and she command her toilet to be at her place when she wants to shit: at any time. She sit under slave’s mouth and begin feeding him with her shit. At the end, she smearing the shit on his face. FULL TOILET!

Nasty Students Shit On Desperate Teacher! – Full Movie

Teacher is in hot water…the girls caught him peeking at the shower room and they’re on to him. He begs them not to report him to the principal. Seeing a chance to get back at him for the mean shit he’s done to them all semester, the girls agree to purse their pretty lips…on one condition. He should let them defecate all over his pathetic body! The poor man has no choice but to agree. So the girls command him to get naked and sit his ass on the floor. The girls take turns squatting over his face and scatting wet shit all over him!

Lady Devil – Notorious Wanker P1

Lady Devil and this toiletslave are meeting for the first time. The toiletslave groans and begs for food. Well, this is what she was waiting for. Watch it, the way how Lady Devil is brushing the toiletslaves teeth with a special toothpaste, humilate him, spitting at him, using him as an human ashtray and let him eat her shit.