Old Women Shit

Call Of Nature P1

The slave cleans just the room as Mistress Michelle and Lady Marie arrive. Immediate needs the slave to lie down on the floor because Lady Marie must urgently shit. Today it is also a bit softer than usual, almost diarrhea, hahaha. But no matter, the toilet slave has to swallow. Then Mistress Michelle peeing in the mouth of the toilet slave and sits down on the toilet seat.

Office Lady Accidentally Poops On The Table!

A sweetheart isn’t starting the day too well. Her stomach is acting up and she feels the need to defecate! Unfortunately for her, upon reaching the office, she is unable to directly go to the comfort room since a coworker, whom is also her boyfriend, grabs and starts getting intimate with her! She tries her best to hold it in, but when she gets her panties stripped and sat on top of a table with her legs spread wide open, she finally lets it out! At first, she releases a strong surge of urine! She then immediately follows it with a couple of mounds of wet poop!

Bizarre Fuck With Tattooed Guy – 4

My wife, a handsome tattooed guy and a lot of pee and poop.