Oman Piss In Mens Mouth

I Just Use You As My Toilet

Even complete losers like you have a right to be in my life. Even though its a really small one. I am going to tell you what me and my girlfriends are going to do to you and how even a pathetic jerk like you can be useful.Meanwhile I’m laughing about you and giving you a masturbation instruction.

Human Slave Brutally Fed With Piss And Pussy! – Part 1

Upon seeing the clueless man who has accidentally wandered into her home, she keeps a close eye on him! By the time he realizes his mistake, she proceeds to immediately grab him and then bring him into a different room where she lays him on the floor and sit on his face! She smothers him with her crotch, but later stops to take off her panties! She then continues, this time, feeding him with her vagina! Eventually, she starts wanting more, so she puts him on a couch where she buries his face in between her buttocks using only her legs! Shortly after, she releases her hold and then lays him on his back! Then, without warning, she urinates on his face! Since he is in the middle of catching his breath, he couldnÂ’t prevent himself from getting piss inside his nose and mouth!

Let’s Poop!

When a girl’s gotta go, a girl’s gotta go and if your slave is not available then a regular bathroom toilet will just have to do. Watch these rare separate occasions that I had no choice but to poop when my slave’s mouth wasn’t available.I even included a slow motion part so you can see how my creamy turds slide out slowly and see how the water splashes. There is even a little but of peeing action for the pee clip fans.This is part of my more affordable clip series for those whom simply can’t or don’t want to spend high amounts of money on scat clips :-)Note: I try to upload new clips every 48 to 72 hours as far as possible xoxo