Oman Shit And Fart

Slaves Are Really Lucky To Be Toilets

The mistress gets up every morning and needs to go to the toilet, and a slave must be trained to make slaves into toilets. The slave lay down, opened his mouth, pointed to the mouth of the slave, began to pull the dung, and ordered the slaves to eat all.

Kinky Babe Gets Smeared With Shit! – Full Movie

She lures the two gardeners and commands them to fuck and shit on her. The boys wasted no time giving her what she wants. They take turns fucking the horny bitch from behind. They fuck her hard on the grass too. She shits on their hands and makes them smear it all over her body. Soon her body is coated with her own smelly shit!

P – 2 Clips – Pee In Toilet – Mix – Hq 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 10:32. This is mix of 2 clips about pee in toilet.

A Plate Full Of Shit

A slave is holding a plate under Nikkis ass, and the Princess shits a lot of yummy creamy shit. What a slave meal!