Oman Shit In Her Own Face

Ms Jenkins Bubblebutt Bombs!!

Enjoy three great clips from one of my favorite asses!!! Ms Jenkins is my favorite Hood Chick!! She’s one that is hard to get in contact with, but when I do, she always laces me with some Booty Magic for you all to see!!! She is definitely one of the ladies that was a major haul in my early days, but she is one that pops in and pops out. Sometimes she’s busy, sometimes it’s been because she was locked up. That Thug Life Tattoo on her back thighs is no joke!! But one things for sure I always got time to wait to see that phat ass of hers in the air!!! Enjoy her three quick explosive new clips. One behind the bowl with a great asshole shot, and two great overhead clips. Three must have clips for all you Ms Jenkins fanatics and for you who haven?t seen her magic yet!! She is the Bomb?.Dropper!!

Pee Inhalation And Drinking

Our store is called ItalScat – the name speaks for itself – but people who work on this stuff quite often adore all toilet games, pissing included. So, this is the second of four clips of pee drinking that we propose (with different mistresses and various slaves). As the Wise man says, natural remedies are always the best. They are usually more effective and safer. What to do when your nose is blocked up? Many people recommend doing warm steam inhalations: you have to put the water to boil, then pour it into a bowl, adding a small vial containing chemical essences which can be potentially awful for our health. In this video, on the contrary, I try to unblock my nose with the help of my dear friend Alessia (and, especially, with the ammonia of her pee). What is more natural than sniffing the warm piss of a young and beautiful female friend? So, I asked Alessia to piss in a bucket. Then I poured her hot nectar into a cup and after having provided an improvised blanket (held by the same loving Alessia) I started to inhale deeply bitter fumes coming from the basin. After two minutes of strong inhalation, I wondered if I would have had the guts to eat cookies soaked in the piss, and drink all the yellow liquid of the bowl. I thought it was a simple thing, but as you will see in the dramatic final sequence, it was terribly hard: I almost puked!

Princess Nikki Champagner 02

Imagine standing under Princess Nikki drinking her piss!